The meaning of the word retreat

Retreat comes from the Latin verb “to pull back” and the Greek translation is two-fold: to pull back or to escape, a concept that does not apply to the way we use the word retreat.   We certainly do not give up or escape our challenges, on the contrary, the Greek etymology of the word (υπό+χωρώ) “under+space” means I pull back in order to create space to see myself and my life from a distance.   I take the time and space to distance myself from my daily routine in order to gain objectivity, to stop identifying with it, and to break repetitive circles of stagnation and helplessness patterns.   This way, I chose to behave differently and confront the challenges as a winner and not a victim.


The themes of the retreats are based on their purpose, namely empowerment.  The common denominator of all retreats is personal development, a journey of self-exploration that requires time, commitment, and investment.  During the retreats the focus is on the relationship with yourselves; to take the time to learn who and what you are and to love yourselves exactly as they are.  We dive in and find out under what conditions you become frustrated or disappointed, you are suffering or feeling guilty, ashamed, angry and self-righteous, but also under what conditions your experience joy, you have fun and you feel fulfilled.  These conditions reflect your deepest needs and you will come to understand which ones have been fulfilled, which have not and why.

These self-exploration journeys are facilitated through a series of modules, games, interaction with other team members and of course the guidance and tools given to you by the experienced scientist Ms. Kontoleon.

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The purpose of my services is to help people help themselves.  This process does not create dependency; on the contrary, it strives to empower people and thus the choice of the brand name: PK Empowerment!

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