coMra δelta Series

coMra δelta 980nm and 905nm

A unique healing device that for the first time ever combines the four radiances – infrared laser, colour (LED), magnetism, & ultrasound – into one coherent and focused message to the body. We call this message coMra-Therapy, also known as “the Delta effect”.

Medical lasers today fall into two categories:

High intensity lasers

which have proven to be a very successful alternative to physical surgery

low intensity lasers

such as the ones developed by Russian scientists and MIL-Therapy, and now enhanced by coMra-Therapy.

It is important to note that laser treatments do not interfere with any prescribed allopathic cures, but instead enhance the positive effects of allopathic medicine.

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coMra δelta Series

what does it include and who is it for

What does it include

The DeltaSeries Low-level Laser (LLLT) family consists of a Hand Device, together with up to four dedicated Terminals that are easily interchangeable. Each Terminal has a different function, enabling a wide variety of conditions to be treated – from sports injuries, to severe illnesses, to skin and hair care. Each Delta Laser is fully tested and comes with a User Guide listing treatments for over 200 conditions. Also included are detailed Operating Instructions, Power Bank (for up to 22 hours of portable use), adapter, car charger and a holdall to protect your investment.

Who is it for?

The Delta Laser has a wide range of applications. This makes it invaluable for anyone suffering from pain, anyone with chronic medical conditions, anyone with joint and muscle injuries, anyone with troublesome skin and hair conditions. In the User Guide there are more than 200 conditions.

coMra-Therapy is also used by sports people, athletes, cyclists, gymnasts, dancers, runners, hikers, mountaineers, and anyone interested in increased performance, active recovery, keeping fit, healthy and who want to boost their immune system against disease.

The NEW δeltaPro

We are proud to announce our flagship product of the DeltaSeries Lasers – the new DeltaPro Laser with 905nm and 980nm technology, bringing to the professional the full potential of coMra-Therapy.

980nm technology
The δelta Series with the 980nm near infrared laser diode is our first device to fully implement the principles of coMra-Therapy.

The 980nm technology has already proved itself as a highly effective healing modality. It provides gentle overall support and focuses on gradually building up the body’s own resources and immune and regenerative abilities. The supportive action of the 980nm laser means that it can be used safely at home for a wide range of conditions, for infants, animals, the elderly, as well as for gradually building the strength of the body where there has been extreme pre-existing energy depletion.