coMra Palm and coMra δelta

As a result of its holistic and safe approach, coMra-Therapy is very effective in the treatment of plants too. This makes treatments with the Delta valuable, not only for Botanists, but for anyone who cares for plants.

If you are a person who takes pride in a small vegetable patch, pot plants around your home, or some window-boxes to add brightness and colour, you can help your plants through coMra-Therapy.
Seedlings and greenhouse plants will also benefit. Treatments can be given for diseased and sickly plants, as well as to stimulate health and vitality in growing plants. Although it is primarily designed for small plants and seedlings, larger plants may also derive benefits.

How to Treat Plants

Plants can be treated in three main ways:
1. Through direct scanning of the overall plant with the Delta
2. By applying water that has been treated in advance, using the Probe terminal, and
3. By treating the central root system, using the Probe terminal.