Group Sessions

The dynamics of the group

Group therapy is another therapeutic treatment option and in some cases is ideal for expressing your concerns and making changes in your life.

At first, the idea of ​​getting to know other people and talking about your personal issues can be daunting, but group therapy has some advantages over personal sessions.  For example, other team members can help you find solutions or suggest ways to change your situation and also hold you responsible for it.

The essence is that in group therapy you will be provided by many perspectives and will be supported and encouraged by all the group members in a safe and contained environment.

Structure and Benefits

Groups are closed (all members start and end together) and do not exceed 8 people in order for everyone to be given the chance to participate in each session.

People who have attended group psychotherapy have been amazed at how important group support is and how listening to others has helped them see their own problems from another perspective or even find a solution.

In addition, the combination of the counselor’s guidance and teachings of proven strategies for managing specific problems, and the group’s encouragement yield significant results.

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