coMra Palm and coMra δelta

The unique approach of coMra-Therapy towards stimulating the body’s own healing abilities means that the benefits of this safe and non-invasive technology can also be applied to animals, including livestock, birds, and all kinds of family pets.
If you are a veterinarian, a trainer of racehorses or a lover of all types of animals, you will be pleased to discover that coMra-Therapy treatments can be given using the same methods as specified for humans.

Treatments cover illnesses as well as injuries, including muscle and tendon injuries, tending to broken bones, and joint pain.

A very welcome feature is the Delta’s compact size and portability. These ensure that your laser can very quickly and easily be moved to different locations in the home or clinic, or carried to an injured animal in stables.


Preventing disease through the maintenance of an optimal level of health is also an important part of coMra-Therapy. By applying the treatments that encourage the body’s innate ability to balance itself, the result is an increased sense of well-being and vitality, a decrease in stress, and an enhanced natural resistance to disease and illness.