Panagiota S. Kontoléon


  • Psychotherapist – Counselor, MSc
    Member of the American Psychological Association (APA)
    Member of the Hellenic Association for Counseling (HAC)
    Member of the European Association for Counseling (EAC)
  • Somatic Therapist
    Certified practitioner (coMra)

email: panagiota@kontoleon.com.gr
Mobile: +30-698-5551888


My passion is to empower the individual. The inspiration for the creation of PK Empowerrnent was based on the need to empower and psychologically support the individuals who wish to take their life in their own hands; to strengthen their own wings and to fly high in order to reach their potential.

A few words about my journey of empowerment…

My first degree in America was in Business Management with a major in Marketing and for over 20 years I had been part of the corporate world in Greece and abroad.  I faced many personal and professional challenges, through which I discovered my own inner strength, a force that has propelled me to completely change my life in my 40’s.  A difficult decision since the “old” one was both familiar and nice – I was a well-known and successful businessman – but my heart were taking me elsewhere.

So I embarked on a journey of searching for what it really means to have a joyous and fulfilling life, who and what I truly was and what my essential needs were. I first cane across coMra therapy and after having personal experience with the technology and its amazing results, I asked and was granted the coMra representation for Greece and Cyprus.  In parallel, by being in personal counseling and attending many self-awareness/self–development courses, I decided to go back to school and obtained two degrees in psychology (Graduate Certificate in Psychology and Master of Science in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy).

In this 10-year self-discovery journey of research and training I started to discover who and what I really am (this is an ongoing process), to come in touch with my FEELINGS and NEEDS, and mainly to realize that I have the CHOICE and the RIGHT to meet my needs and follow my heart .

My goal is to share as much as I can from the experiences and knowledge I have gained to help other people get in touch with their feelings, understand their emotions and under what conditions they are triggered, and gain access to their inner strength.  The purpose is always to empower individuals to take life into their own hands and, why not, to transform it as I did and to fly with their own wings where their heart desires!

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The purpose of my services is to help people help themselves.  This process does not create dependency; on the contrary, it strives to empower people and thus the choice of the brand name: PK Empowerment!

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