Personal Development Seminars

Personal and Professional Success

There are many examples of people who are quite successful professionally but their personal lives are suffering, or vice versa.  However, the truth is that what we do in one area of ​​our lives we do in others, it is just that what we do in one area brings the results we want while in another area it doesn’t.  For example, it may be desirable in your work to make decisions without asking anyone while the same behavior in your family or friendly environment to be disastrous.

In the seminars you will discover how your patterns of behavior affect your personal and professional life as well as your emotions.  You will then be given tools to handle your emotions and will be shown strategies to change or differentiate your behavioral patterns in order to adopt positive ways of acting so you can experience personal and professional success.

Joyous Relationships

High rates of divorce or separation after marriage (over 40%) make it clear that relationships are not always easy.  Some of the problems in relationships are lack of communication, infidelity, financial difficulties, lack of emotional and physical connection, inability to forgive your partner, unfulfilled / ungratified needs, lack of flexibility, social and familiar pressure, and many more.

The question is: will you, for example, share openly with your partner what their behavior makes you feel, or will you engage in an internal dialogue, which will lead you to wrong conclusions and possibly aggressive behavior?  And, if you openly share with your partner, will they truly listen to you, or will they invalidate your feelings?  These are just some examples of a long list of relationship topics, which are discussed in the seminars for which you will be provided with different management and coping tools.

Build the Life you Want

To attend these seminars participants must have attended at least one of the “Personal and Professional Success” and / or “Joyous Relationships” seminars in order to have a basic knowledge of their patterns of behavior as well as knowledge of how to handle their emotions.

In these seminars we go deeper into how to create the life you want.  You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do.  You may be stuck in a day-to-day routine and feel like you need a change without knowing what that change is or where you want to go.  You may have already taken some steps to get out of your comfort zone and the social conditioning put pressure on you, or your environment may want to hold you back, and as a result you feel stressed or guilty.  You will be given tools to tackle your challenges and empower you to open your wings and fly.

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