I am Panagiota Kontoléon and I am a psychotherapist and counselor with studies and a graduate degree (MSc) in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy.  My scientific training is based on the basic principles of Integrative Psychology.

In many ways, Integrative Psychology refocuses attention to traditional healing practices that are concerned with the complex ways in which the social context, body, mind, and emotions continually interact and influence well-being.  Every person is unique, has different experiences and ways of managing difficulties and therefore needs an integrated and at the same time “tailor-made” approach to his/her challenges in life to attain psychosomatic health.

For this reason, my passion and therapeutic focus is on EMPOWERMENT of people so that they will be able to balance their everyday life and find happiness through creation of meaning in their lives.


Psychotherapy - Counseling

Always aiming at empowering the individual, the effort is focused on a balanced mental and physical life.  It is therefore not at all difficult to understand why we need balance and why we are looking for it.  But why is it so hard to find it?

There are thousands of books and articles on how to find balance in one’s life.  However, there is a basic concept that is missing in many books, because it is a difficult concept to accept and that is why it is usually avoided in many discussions about finding a balance.

What is this concept?  Finding balance is a quest and work of a lifetime.  It is in progress and is not a goal that, when achieved, will result in a “permanent” peaceful, calm and meaningful life.

Balance is a way of life. It is a process!

Balance is a way of life. It is a process!

Let us take the example of nature!  Equinoxes – the balance between day and night, darkness and light – takes place 2 days a year.  But in fact, it is not two whole days; it is not even a few minutes.  It is a fleeting moment of chance, after which the balance appears to change again. 

The same is true of people who live in the dipole of soul and mind.  But, this is a normal polarity phase that pushes us into a lasting state of imbalance.  Thus, it does not allow us to experience joy because of our internal conflict, and it is obvious that we are never satisfied with the outcome of our actions.  The attempt to balance these two unequal and out of balance functions of our two polarities so that we can enter a new evolutionary plane, is a lifetime project.

Counseling psychotherapy includes assessment of various psychological and interpersonal difficulties and application of interventions in order to help people deal with those difficulties.

Services are provided to adults (18+).  Problems typically presented by the ones who seek support include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and intense fears
  • social problems (difficulties with intimate relationships, aggression and social withdrawal)
  • problems within the family (lack of effective communication)
  • psychosomatic problems (migraines, headaches or psychosomatic symptoms)
  • self-control problems (eating disorders)
  • addictions

Inspirational Coaching

A lot has been discussed about coaching.  But let us look at the basics. The term has its roots in the sports industry where coaches work tirelessly to prepare and condition their players in order to stimulate an environment of winning.  Coaches analyze their athletes, and build tactical playbooks, but most importantly, they INSPIRE their athletes to train hard and compete at their highest possible potential.

Inspiration fosters strong work ethic and trust between the athlete and the coach, and therefore a great coach can not do anything unless he inspires the athlete.

Inspirational Coaching is a philosophy of life.

Inspirational Coaching is a philosophy of life.

 Inspirational Coaching is a philosophy of life.  A guidance methodology that improves your ability to be the best version of yourself to achieve great results. 

Without goals there is no guidance.

We start with the basics: you already have what you need!

Imagine a triangle with the “coach” (the professional who will accompany the individual during his/her own decision making process), the “trainer” (the client who wishes to achieve a goal through the discovery of his/her wholeness and emotional training, always with impeccability) and “vision” as the ultimate goal.

The coach takes time to find out what it means for you to “win” in life and then to support you to be accountable for your choices in life and to make sure that you truly fulfill your purpose.

A coach supports and promotes your vision, helps you find new directions and goals in your life, focuses energy on personal values, provides an objective sounding board, and inspires you to be more effective and creative in taking action.

A coach cannot motivate you, but instead inspires you to get motivated by realizing that you really have a choice and, therefore the ability, to be the best version of yourself!

coMra Therapy

coMra Therapy is a safe, non-toxic and non-invasive approach to treating chronic pain, stimulating cellular regeneration and repairing damaged tissue.  It empowers you to take control of your health.

coMra stands for Coherent Multi-Radiances and this is the technology employed in the coMra Palm and coMra δelta devices.

Low-level lasers have medical applications going back over 40 years.  Today they are used in regenerative medicine, achieving remarkable results while being non-invasive. 

coMra successfully combines the strengths of four separate healing modalities:


Low-level (or cold) laser technology


Colour LEDs




Low-intensity ultrasound

(in coMra δelta)

Individually, all of these therapeutic modalities have shown beneficial effects on cell proliferation, inflammation, pain relief and immunity to disease, in cases with very different underlying pathologies.

When these modalities are combined together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts resulting in fast and safe healing.

What you can get:

  • Relief from pain with treatments for: Sports & all traumatic injuries, arthritis pain & inflammation, back pain & neck pain, post-surgery recovery, migraines, etc.
  • Relief from a wide variety of chronic medical conditions, such as: multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, sinusitis & asthma, circulatory problems, cystitis, spastic colon, and many others.
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The purpose of my services is to help people help themselves.  This process does not create dependency; on the contrary, it strives to empower people and thus the choice of the brand name: PK Empowerment!

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