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Emotional Problems

Experiencing all the emotions, even those that are difficult for the individual, such as fear, anger and sadness, is normal and desirable.

The problem begins when the duration of negative emotions is long, erodes various areas of a person’s daily life (interpersonal relationships, professional life, personal care, etc.) and thus affects the quality of his/her life.  In such cases the individual often feels helpless and could experience anxiety, depression, guilt, low self esteem, lack of confidence, etc.

Psychotherapy helps the individual to experience emotions by making connections between these emotions and the behaviors that trigger them, as well as become aware of them in order to manage them better.

Social Problems

Social problems personally affect the individual who is an integral part of society.

Some examples are child abuse and abandonment, domestic violence, racism, homelessness, crime, hunger, anti-social behavior, unemployment, sexual abuse, rape, teenage pregnancy, verbal/emotional bullying, etc.

Psychotherapy helps the individual to find alternative and adaptive ways to deal with the negative effects of the social problems.

Family Problems

The challenges that families face affect the dynamics of relationships among family members.

Different opinions, feelings, behaviors and perceptions, as well as the different stages of development in the family, often lead to overt or covert conflicts.

Psychotherapy helps the individual to identify the causes and/or patterns of behaviors, which cause family conflicts, and promotes healthy and effective ways of dealing with them.

Psychosomatic Problems

Individuals often have physical problems that have no explanation or connection to any medical condition.  For example, a chest pain may not be linked to a medical problem and instead could be the result of anxiety.

When emotions are suppressed and pain or sadness is not expressed in words, they will be expressed through  the body.  Or, as otherwise is said, the soul “spits” on repressed emotions in the body.

Through psychotherapy the individual acquires a better awareness and deeper understanding of the situation, and is supported in learning new and adaptive ways to deal with and resolve physical problems.

Self-control Problems

Self-control is people’s ability to control their thoughts, emotions, and behavior when confronted with temptations, sudden impulses, and impulsive behaviors.  A common dilemma is the desire to eat unhealthy foods in relation to the desire to have long-term good health.

Some impulsive behaviors include excessive alcohol or drug use, bulimia, violence and aggression, gambling, internet gaming, pyromania, kleptomania, and more.

Through psychotherapy, one learns to recognize what triggers this behavior and how to manage these impulsive behaviors in a more adaptive way.

In counseling psychotherapy, you will become aware of what triggers your impulsive behavior and will learn ways to respond in a life supportive way.

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